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The team at Ultra V Pest Control are qualified to examine your property and determine the presence of termite activity and any damage caused. Termites are secretive creatures, they enter homes often via the sub floor area or concealed slab edges. Once inside the property they can cause extensive damage to ceiling beams, joists or any wood structures.

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These insects are not often seen although evidence of their presence is observable in the mud tubes they construct or the damage they do to wood products and structures. We offer once off termite inspections as well as regular timber pest inspections and can terminate your termites as well as providing a regular inspection and spraying schedule.

Chemical Termite Treatments

There are two types of chemical that can be used on your termite treatment in Perth.

Either a non-repellent chemical or repellent. Non repellent chemicals are undetectable by termites , ensuring fatality upon contact. The most popular non-repellent is Termidor (Up to 8yrs residual). Ultra v Pest Control recommend Biflex as a repellent termiticde (Up to 5yrs residual)

Termite Colony Elimination - Termidor Dust

The termidor dust attaches itself to the termites body and other termites groom them and ingest the cellulose fibre. Termites feed through trophlaxis meaning they lick the sweat of each others back to feed. One termite will feed 50 others. Once those termites are dead the other termites cannibalise them, passing the toxic fipronil throughout the colony which eventually eliminate the colony long as you have enough active termites to dust in the first place.

Termite Inspection Areas

  • Sub Floor Chemical Treatment
  • Chemical Barrier Treatment
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Pre-Construction Termite Treatments
  • Pre-Purchase Termite Inspections

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